Politics, As Usual

This election has been the most tumultuous, vicious, vile, and unnerving election in the history of my memory.  And that’s a ton of memory.  And I’m not talking about the nominees.  Or even the candidates that were running before the party nominations took place.  I’m talking about friends, family, and just people in general.

“Never discuss politics or religion,” my mother would drill into my head, probably from the time that I could talk.  I always assumed it was because we were Catholic.  You know, the “Holy Rollers,” the “Catlickers,” the “Bible Beaters.”  And she never wanted me to be involved in any sort of confrontation.  I’m sure she soon realized that I have plenty of mouth and which is also really ironic because I never met a confrontation that I would back down from.  Unless it was my own mother or someone who was just bat-shit crazy.  Er, I mean, didn’t really make any sense.  I mean, when your 8 years old and, during a Flyers home game, an Vancouver fan stands up to cheer his team and I stand up, turn, and tell him to, “shut up and sit down,” yeah, I have a bit of a backbone.

You see, I have no problem with someone who is passionate about their views.  Whether it be music, family, politics, religion, what have you.  I think everyone should have some sort of passion.  Something that really sets their soul on fire.  Kudos for you! However,  I have a real problem with people who are passionate about their views and ram it down somebody else’s throat.  You like pizza? Yay for you!  Don’t spend 20 minutes telling me how great your pizza is and how much the italian sub that I like stinks.  In no world is that a cool move.  In a verbal discussion, you can always smile, excuse yourself to get something to drink, and find another table to talk to.  Easy, peasy.  But when you’re trapped, that’s a whole new ballgame.  For whatever your reason, you cannot escape, you can’t walk away, and you can’t simply request to change the conversation topic without making the other person whine and act like a two-year-old child, then the misery is real and the requirement that it takes to keep your blood pressure under control is phenomenal.

But what bothers me the most is when the masks drop off, even during a political race, and you see people – even your friends – for what they truly are:  racist; bigoted; trash-talking, name-calling, bullies.  And how sad is that?  Nothing should ever come to the point where you can’t laugh – even at your own candidate – and just shrug off most of the stuff that you don’t agree with.  But when you impose your views, and you make them hateful, hurtful, and even belligerent – that’s where the line needs to be drawn.  A bully is a bully no matter their race, creed, or color.  This election has drawn out a boatload of the bullies from of the woodwork and what a shame that is because, now more than ever, we need to stand as a unified country, together no matter what, everything else be damned.

And when you are deleted by your own family on Facebook, ha ha, well, that just about says it all.    Because if you think waving the Confederate Flag is cool, then that’s a shame.  And if you think Obama’s coming to get your guns, well, that’s hysterical.  You probably think he’s part of the Muslim Brotherhood and has no legal Birth Certificate, too.  What a shame.  Ignorance isn’t bliss.  It simply shows your lack of informed education.  Go spew your rhetoric to your bully buddy friends.



Former home school mom and Religious Education teacher just trying to live a sane life in an insane world.

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